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About Us Our Journey to 
Create Better HVLS Fans

TORQ Fans - About Us - Company Profile
The HVLS Fan that makes sense

Building the Future of HVLS 

After more than 5 years of building the HVLS fan market in Asia, we were never quite happy with the standard of HVLS fan product quality available or just never found the right fan we wanted. Thus, we came up with the idea of manufacturing the ideal HVLS fan that we always wanted to provide. We’ve relentlessly put in the time and effort incorporating new technology and production techniques into making TORQ fans. 

The HVLS fan that makes sense

When you choose TORQ Fans, you’re choosing the power to completely transform your space by cooling it down dramatically. But it isn’t just about that, our fans are engineered to be the most compact yet the most powerful, so that when you go TORQ, you’re buying into an energy friendly tool that keeps your electric bill low. 

Built with aviation-grade materials fit for an aircraft, our fans deliver immense comfort and practicality that will inspire you, as well as the people around you, to go further.

Sleeker, yet more Powerful

For years, The HVLS fan movement has always been about who made the largest, bulkiest, meanest-looking big ceiling fan. Not us, we wanted to make our fans lighter, sleeker, less energy demanding, but yet at the same time more powerful, and built-to-last. So, we engineered a fan that had a slimmer outline  but with stronger materials, and built a motor that was smaller but churned out more torque than motors twice its size and weight.

The result of that is TORQ fans, incredible machines that deliver the most CMH of air per watt consumed, on the planet.

Innovating Airflow Solutions

Based in the heart of Thailand, TORQ Fans is a leading manufacturer of High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans. Our dedicated team of engineers, leveraging American technology, designs each fan with precision and expertise.

By combining advanced technology with Thailand's economies of scale in production, we consistently deliver innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective airflow solutions to markets around the world. Join us in our mission to create sustainable and comfortable environments one fan at a time.

Trusted by the Best


 In TORQ Fans’ many years of furthering the industrial ventilation market, we’ve helped thousands of businesses improve their working conditions and reap the rewards. When you choose TORQ, you’re not only choosing our industry leading products,  you’re also betting on a team that has the experience of helping world class companies.

Designed & Manufactured In-House

All TORQ Fans are proudly designed in the USA and made with care in our facility in Thailand.
By combining American ingenuity and Asia’s production prowess,
we’ve created the next generation of high standard HVLS fans.