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Massive Air Movement from a Powerful Ceiling Fan

Delivers the ultimate performance in industrial-grade air movement.
Cover every inch of your space with the TORQ+ big ceiling fan.

Industrial Grade Airflow

TORQ+ produces a massive amount of airflow to cover wide spanning areas with extremely tall ceilings. Driven by an incredibly powerful Direct Drive motor that produces massive torque, the TORQ+ provides you all the performance you could possibly wish for in a Big Fan. 


> Available in 7.5 meters diameter
> Next Evolution Direct Drive motor
> Crafted with Aircraft Grade Materials
> 6 Blades
> Ultra Light
> Touchscreen Controller / App Fan
   Control Options
> Produces Incredible Airflow


5 years on mechanical parts, 2 years on motor & electronics

Suitable For 



Shopping Complex



The Special Six

TORQ+ fan blades are equipped with a unique Swiftblade™ airfoil design, producing industry-leading airflow per watt consumed by the motor.
Equipped with 6 blades, a single TORQ+ unit is able to produce amazing airflow, covering a massive 1,800m2 of space.

Feel Up To 5°C Cooler

Ever experienced the refreshing feeling of a mountain-side breeze or the ocean wind despite it being a hot day? That’s what the cooling effect delivered by one of our fans feels like. The Wind-Chill Effect, as ASHRAE Standards explain, creates a cooling sensation on the skin that can be approximated to about 5°C less than the ambient temperature. 

The Lightest, 
Most Powerful HVLS Fan Available

For years, The HVLS fan movement has always been about who made the largest, bulkiest, meanest-looking big ceiling fan. Not us, we wanted to make our fans sleeker, lighter, swifter, and less energy sapping, but yet at the same time more powerful, and built-to-last. So we engineered a fan with a slimmer outline but with stronger materials, and built a motor that weighed less but churned out more torque than motors twice its size. 

The fruit of our labor is the impressive TORQ+, first in performance, lightest in weight.

Next Generation 
Direct Drive Motor

This isn’t an ordinary Direct Drive motor. Using technology that took years to develop, the TORQ+ is powered by the next evolution of Direct Drive HVLS motors (technically referred to as Transverse Flux technology). Ultra-light, ultra-reliable, distinctively energy conserving, and most importantly, it’s a powerful torque monster.

> Powerful yet light & compact.
> No gearbox, means NO maintenance
> Silent Operation.
> Operates with only 1,440 Watts of power.

Forget About Costly Motor Maintenance

Unlike traditional Big Fans equipped with geared AC motors, the TORQ+ is driven by a gearless motor.
No gears mean no oil, and no oil means you don’t need to carry out periodic maintenance to check for leakages or
perform oil replenishment – saving you the extra time, energy and expenses of doing so.

Optional LED Light Fixture

TORQ models can include an industrial grade high bay LED
lighting fixture that shines bright even at 20 meters above ground.

Bring The Performance 
Closer to You

Safely compatible with down-rods up to 7 meters long, TORQ fans bring the airflow closer to the ground more than any other Big Fan.

Versatile Mounting Options

TORQ Fans are engineered to mount securely onto any ceiling type. Better yet, give us a call and one of our
qualified engineers will advise you on your best options. 

Mounting on universal beam


Mounting on circular truss


Mounting on rectangular truss


Mounting on concrete ceiling


Mounting on pole


Safety First

Built with confidence, all TORQ models include safety features that will keep your mind at ease no matter the situation.

> Anti-Drop Plate - In the unlikely event that a collision occurs, the potential fall of the core fan unit will be prevented by a steel plate dedicated to holding everything in place.

> Fan Stabilization System - Enforced steel wires link the fan to additional mounting points to keep the fan held firmly in place while also eliminating excess oscillation.

> Loop Over Wires - 2 thick multi-stranded steel wires keep the fan connected to the installation point for added assurance.

> High Strength Hardware - All models are assembled with zinc-flake coated high tensile strength grade 12.9 bolts for extra protection.

Advanced Touch Screen Control

5-inch Modern LED Display

> Controls up to 32 fan units individually
> Schedule fan operation ahead of time
> Fan speed reacts to ambient temperature
> Can be integrated with local fire-suppression and BMS systems

TORQ Control Mobile App

Smartphone Application

> Monitor and control your fans from anywhere in the world
> No more walking to the other side of the factory to access fan control
> Easy to use, intuitive app interface

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  • Technical Specification Sheet
  • Installation Guide
  • Touchscreen Control Manual


A USA Technology Product

Have you decided on class-leading airflow and comfort? Get in touch with a TORQ representative today.