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Big Fan Combined Solutions
For better cooling results

Combine Big Fans with the following ventilation techniques to get even better cooling results. See how these fans can be used in tandem with other ventilation solutions to get better ventilation. 


Big Fans can be combined with other ventilation techniques to achieve even better results than just the fans on their own. Although TORQ Fans can deliver more than satisfactory results on their own, combining them with the following techniques can harness even greater comfort levels. 

Big Fan only performance

Big Fans create air movement that can reduce the perceived temperature felt by a person. This effect allows the worker to feel cooler without having the air temperature being reduced - much like the experience of feeling a gust of wind or a sea breeze on a hot day.


  • Feel up to 5° C Cooler

  • Create a natural feeling breeze that gives you better comfort

  • Dissipates and dilutes contaminants, viruses and smoke

  • Provides the necessary air change for adequate ventilation

Big Fan + Exhaust Fan performance 


Big fans can work with wall exhaust fans to provide better air circulation and ventilation in commercial or industrial spaces. While the big fan circulates air throughout the space, the wall exhaust fan removes stale or hot air to create air change, promoting a healthier and more comfortable environment. This combination can help to save energy while ensuring a more efficient system.


  • All the usual benefits of Big Fans
  • Exhaust fans get rid of smoke and contaminants in crucial areas 
  • Heat trapped just under the roof can be de-stratified
Big Fan Evaporative Cooler performance


Big fans or HVLS fans work well with evaporative coolers to distribute cool air evenly throughout a space. Evaporative coolers use water to cool the air, and they work best in dry climates. When used with an HVLS fan, the cool air is distributed effectively, creating a comfortable environment. HVLS fans also improve air circulation, reducing the need for additional cooling equipment. This combination saves energy and reduces costs, making it a cost-effective solution for commercial or industrial spaces.


  • All the usual benefits of Big Fans

Cool air provided by the Evaporative Cooler helps reduce overall ambient temperature

Big Fan + Air Conditioning performance


Big fans or HVLS fans can work effectively with air conditioning to create a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. When used in conjunction with air conditioning, big fans help to circulate cool air throughout the space more effectively, reducing hot spots and creating a more consistent temperature. HVLS fans also help to improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems, reducing the need for additional cooling equipment and lowering energy costs.



  • All the usual benefits of Big Fans

  • Reduce the capacity of your AC unit or simply run it at warmer levels to reduce your electricity costs