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Professional HVLS Fan Installation Team TORQ Fans

The TORQ Team is the premier HVLS fan installation team when it comes
to professionalism, safety and product knowledge. 

Every Step Measured


The TORQ installation team follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure protection to your space, equipment and personnel. Every installation is also monitored closely to guarantee your safety and peace of mind.

We understand that every customer site is unique and as such comes with different challenges. To ensure our installation is completed effectively and efficiently, the following factors need to be considered:

  • > Type and size of the ceiling truss
  • > Ceiling height
  • > Customer work schedule and the importance of preserving the efficiency of site operations
  • > Obstructions around and below the installation point
  • > Any existing ventilation systems

Serious About Safety

With hundreds of distinct installations under our belt, there is no better team you can trust with your HVLS fan installation.
No matter the challenge, our industry-proven TORQ installation team is committed to mounting your fan with the utmost
safety of your building, personnel and equip-ment in mind. 

Double Mast Vertical Lift

Platform Height

9 m

Vertical Reach Height H2 10.5 m

Scissor Lift 

Lift Platform Height

12 m

Vertical Reach Height H2 13.5 m

Boom Lift

Lift Platform Height

10 m

12 m

13 m

Vertical Reach Height H2 11.5 m 13.5 m 14.5 m
Horizontal Reach Distance D 6-6.5 m 4-4.5 m -

Electrical Cabling

Completing any electric cabling work required to power the fan


Secure Installation

Installing the fan with the safest possible methods


Fan Relocation

Want to move the fan to a different location? We can do it!


Service & Maintenance

Our team is available to inspect and service the fan unit at any time

Our services

CFD Predictive Analysis

CFD Predictive Analysis

Professional Installation Team

Professional Installation Team

TORQ Fans Service & Maintenance Team

TORQ Fans Service & Maintenance Team